Enhancement Detail



Enhancement Detail

1 day

From: £250 (price dependent on vehicle size)

The enhancement detail service is designed if you want more than just “clean”. This service not only offers an extensive wash process, but it also includes a single-stage machine polish that permanently removes light swirl marks, marring and imperfections in the paintwork. This will leave the car looking much glossier and will bring out the true colour of your paintwork.

The goal of detailing is to be as gentle as possible to the paintwork whilst still tackling the dirt and grime. This will reduce any possible chance of causing swirl marks or scratches during the wash stage. This is achieved using tried and tested washing methods paired with pH neutral chemicals and cleaners and soft detailing accessories.

Optional additional protection packages that can be included in this service:

  • Carnauba wax (2 months protection) – £25
  • Spray on, rinse off sealant (3 months protection) – £30
  • Convertible soft top protector (6-18 months protection) – £50
  • Carbon collective ceramic coating (5 years protection) – £125


  1. Wheels cleaned using pH-neutral wheel cleaner to remove brake dust and decontamination
  2. Pre-wash snow foam bath to loosen up dirt and grime
  3. Wheel arches deep cleaned
  4. 2-bucket method wash with microfibre wash mitt and pH neutral car shampoo
  5. Tar spots removed from paintwork
  6. Paintwork clayed to remove any bonded contaminants
  7. Car hand-dried using a plush microfiber towel
  8. Air blower used to blow out water from intricate areas
  9. Paintwork inspected for imperfections and paint depth measured using a digital gauge to ensure appropriate machine polishing is undertaken
  10. All paintwork machine polished to enhance and remove swirls, minor scratches, marring and bird dropping etching
  11. Tyres and exterior plastics dressed
  12. Exterior glass polished and cleaned
  13. All chrome trim and exhaust polished to a high shine