Minor Correction

2 days

From: £500

The Minor Paint Correction is designed to eliminate all swirls and most scratches. It comprises of a two-stage machine polishing process. The first stage utilises a medium-strong cut compound with a cutting pad to restore and remove up to 80% of surface paint defects. The second stage uses light polishes and soft foam pads to bring out a stunning clarity and depth to the paint.

This service is by far our most popular package as it offers excellent defect removal, whilst remaining more affordable than a “full correction”. This is best suited for individuals that want their vehicles in near perfect condition whilst working to a budget.


Optional additional protection packages that can be included in this service:

  • Carnauba wax (2 months protection) – £25
  • Spray on, rinse off sealant (3 months protection) – £30
  • Convertible soft top protector (6-18 months protection) – £50
  • Carbon collective ceramic coating (5 years protection) – £125


  • Wheels cleaned using pH-neutral wheel cleaner to remove brake dust and decontamination
  • Pre-wash snow foam bath to loosen up dirt and grime
  • Wheel arches deep cleaned
  • 2-bucket method wash with microfibre wash mitt and pH neutral car shampoo
  • Tar spots removed from paintwork
  • Paintwork clayed to remove any bonded contaminants
  • Car hand-dried using a plush microfiber towel
  • Air blower used to blow out water from intricate areas
  • Paintwork inspected for imperfections and paint depth measured using a digital gauge to ensure appropriate machine polishing is undertaken
  • All paintwork machine polished with cutting pad and compound remove swirls, minor scratches, marring and bird dropping etching
  • Paintwork then refined with a light polish and pad for extra clarity
  • Tyres and exterior plastics dressed
  • Exterior glass polished and cleaned
  • All chrome trim and exhaust polished to a high shine

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